Ethically Elegant Equestrian Ware


Welcome to ROBERT-SQUARED. We are thrilled to share our cruelty- free line of "Ethically Elegant Equestrian Ware" with you.

Our range is inspired by the movement of Tesla and Mercedes to make the switch from traditional leather products to ethical and high quality alternatives. Robert Dover and his husband Robert Ross decided it was time to initiate the same environmentally friendly innovation in the equestrian industry. Since that day, Dover and Ross have been partnering with top craftsmen, artisans, and manufacturers around the world to create the first top-of-the-line collection of alternative leather equestrian boots for dressage, jumper, pony, and hunter disciplines. At ROBERT-SQUARED we handcraft all of our high quality, cutting edge and fashionable riding boots in Italy. With our company’s attention to detail we can offer innovative products that look and feel like the finest leather with a range of environmental and user-friendly benefits. Robert Dover, President and Co-Founder of ROBERT-SQUARED stated, “Robert and I are extremely proud to be incorporating our life-long experience as horsemen along with our passion for the ethical treatment of animals to create this amazing, top quality, line of Ethically Elegant Equestrian Ware.” There are a multitude of reasons why fellow Equestrians should choose ROBERT-SQUARED for their boot and accessory needs:

  • Cleans easily using only a damp cloth and water

  • No need to oil or condition

  • Non-stretch

  • Non-fading

  • Non-drying and non-cracking for longer lasting products

  • Only Eco-friendly materials

  • 100% hand-stitched

  • We are cruelty-free, no animals are harmed in the making of our products



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